Development of New materials from special policies

publisher: Gaven
Time: 2018-05-18
Summary: China special policies for further development
 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: highlighting new materials, researching and implementing special policies
China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association 

 [ China Glass]  March 29 was informed from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, March 28-29, the transformation of raw materials industry development seminar was held in Changsha, Hunan. Xu, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

 He said that  2018 is an important year for the full implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and it is also a crucial year for deepening structural reforms on the supply side. The industry should fully implement the "13th Five-Year Plan" development plan for the raw material industry, focus on resolving excess capacity, focus on the development of new materials industries, and focus on transforming and upgrading traditional industries, and accelerate the promotion of quality improvement, efficiency, and transformation and upgrading (Akki, net worth, information). We will strive to maintain a steady and healthy development of the raw material industry.

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