Glass bottle classification

publisher: Gaven
Time: 2018-05-18
Summary: Glass bottle classification (Part one)
Glass bottle classification

 The glass packaging container is a kind of transparent container made by blowing and molding the molten frit, which is commonly called glass bottle, which can also be called glassware. The types of glassware are numerous and classified as follows:

 According to the size of the bottle mouth

1. Small bottle. 
It is a glass bottle with an inner diameter of less than 20mm, used for packaging liquid materials, such as soft drinks, beer, etc.

2. Big mouth bottle. 
Bottles with an inner diameter of between 20-30 mm have a relatively short body, such like a milk bottle.

3 .Wide mouth bottle. 
Also known as canned bottle, the inner diameter of the bottle mouth is more than 30mm, its neck and shoulders are short, the bottle shoulder is flat, and it is mostly can-shaped or cup-shaped. Due to the large bottle opening, loading and discharging are easier, and are mostly used for packaging canned foods and viscous materials.

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