MRE2018: UK Advanced Materials Research Exhibition and Conference

Time: 2018-03-08
Summary: 12-13 March, 2018 | London

MRE2018 demonstrated the groundbreaking new materials and processes to industry to accelerate the process of taking these through to commercialisation. MRE2018 was a unique two day exhibition and conference, which showcased the richness of the UK materials innovation and provided an excellent platform to help develop commercial success of UK-generated materials research and innovation.

Attendees heard from some of the UK’s leading innovators, investors and experts in a programme that was designed to showcase cutting-edge innovation across key supply chains through different sectors. Amongst a number of talks from government, industrialists and academics, a range of universities and research organisations were exhibiting. 

12-13 March, 2018 | London

Glass is an advanced material with untapped potential to revolutionise our daily lives

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